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 Traditional Medicines of Asia for thriving health, immunity and resilience.


Tina Vecera, L.Ac.

Heal from within with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Massage Therapy!

Treatment therapies selected for your specific presentations

with guidance for wellness routines at home.



Chinese Herbology

Oriental Dietary Therapy



Medical Qigong

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga & Breathwork





Traditions from the East

Natural medical traditions of ancient China, India and Japan are recognized the world over for their ability to treat pain, stress and illness. Their effect has been shown to assist the body in returning to natural balance for health, radiance, vitality and serenity.

Your Health

Your health concerns will be addressed with careful attention to provide you with the therapy techniques and information you need for optimal health at all levels.

My mission is to offer effective natural self treatment techniques and remedies for pain, stress and illness in an atmosphere of healing serenity.

Asian natural medicine is a valued treasure for addressing health and wellness through all phases of life.


Heal with acupuncture ... massage therapy ... herbal medicine ... dietary therapy! If you are ready for healthy change, please click on the "Contact Me" button.

Insurance Billing and Fees

I am in network with Moda Health and Regence Blue Cross of Oregon, which also administer Medicare Advantage plans that cover my acupuncture treatments. I bill various insurance companies out of network too. My policy is to verify insurance eligibility and benefits with the insurance company before starting treatment.

Acupuncture initial visit fees usually range from $120 to $140, depending on complexity. A discount for patients without insurance coverage leaves usually a range from $95 to $115, depending on complexity, paid in full at time of service.

Acupuncture return visit fees are usually $90. A discount for patients without insurance coverage leaves usually a fee of $75, paid in full at time of service. (Extensive consultations incur additional fees.)

Asian massage therapy fees are $92 for an hour. A discount for patients without insurance coverage leaves a fee of $75 for an hour, paid in full at time of service.

Eastern herbs vary in price and are generally not covered by insurance.


Wishing you Well on Your Healing Journey,


Tina Vecera, L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M.